Thursday, April 27, 2017

Eagle Project - Beginning

As it turns out, getting your Eagle Project approved as a Lone Scout is REALLY REALLY HARD.  But that's ok.  For my project, I am planning to build bookshelves for this place called the Book Shack, where they give books to families who can't afford them.  They work with a lot of home school families and teachers and do mostly school stuff.

 Here I am drawing up the plans for building my bookshelves.  I have someone who is willing to donate the wood, and my grandpa says I can use his tools from when he was a carpenter.  So that will help with money.  (The blue thing is because I broke my finger playing basketball.)

My other grandpa taught me how to do engineer drawings when he worked with me on my drafting and engineer badges.  Here are my drawings for the bookshelves I will be building.  If I can ever get my project approved.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Composite Materials

For my first project, I made a birdhouse from cardboard and fiberglass. The corners were hard.

 As I was running out of ideas for my project, I decided to get an idea from one of my favorite toys.
I started out by taping two pieces of cardboard together. Then, I coated it in fiberglass. For the painting, I made a base coat of light tan, and then checkered it with tan-yellow. I used a dark green for the dragon, then outlined everything.
The chariot was just for fun.

Monday, January 2, 2017


This is a grid system I laid out to start digging.

Starting was the hard part.

See more about our trip to Jamestowne here :

Separate from the tourist center, there is a site called Historic Jamestowne, which is the center for preservation, education, and the archaeological investigation of Historic Jamestowne.

My speech about Jamestowne is below.

Emergency Preparedness

For E-Prep I did some of it at the health fair and the rest at the merit badge workshop.

These are some of the samples we got to try to make our own emergency bag.


My brother really likes his fish.

Getting the hook out was hard.

This is us cleaning the fish to eat.


This is when I learned how to crack eggs and make omelettes.

This is us making pretzels....that is a very big mess!

This is me making taco mix for our tacos.

These are pretzels and muffins.

This is me washing dishes, because I had to clean up the kitchen.  I hate washing dishes.


For the entrepreneurship merit badge, I had to create a fake business plan; so, as I like to make costumes for movies, I decided to make it a costume shop.

Above: Greek Vase, Medieval Flail
Below: Centurion Submaralis, Roman Mosaic

Above: Greek Hoplite Armor, Elizabethan Rapier
Below: Revolutionary War Uniforms, Craft Fair (to show off costumes)

To check out a business model, I visited this page :
Men As Solutions  (Robert Landry)