Friday, January 5, 2018

133 Historian Project

I'm working with Troop 133 of Chandler, OK as their Troop Historian, and will be posting pictures here as I work on the project.

This is the original flyer for when the troop was formed.

These are ribbons that the troop has earned.  They were a pain to try and iron.  I couldn't get them all the way flat, but they are a lot flatter than they were before.
Awards earned by Troop 133

Josh Raper
Dana Hornle
Travis Selige
Aaron Steele
T.J. Welter (Thomas Jack)
Jacob Greenfield
Nicholas Rozell
Will Brown
Weston Porter
Thomas Fogel

Aviary Visit - December 12, 2009
Boy Scout fishing derby

Scouts Christmas float - December 12, 2009

Wolf Scouts - Court of Honor

Webelos - Court of Honor

Bear Scouts - Court of Honor

Cub Scouts - collecting pin

Cub Scouts Pinewood Derby - 2010

Working on First Aid

12-7-09 safety and bird conservation

Fourth of July Sunday service

Boy Scouts on Mt. Rushmore trip

Clay Johnson's Eagle Scout project - August 2017