Friday, September 22, 2017

Xander's Pets

My dog’s name is Shadow.  She is a black lab combined with a beagle.  She showed up at our house one day, and we couldn’t find who she belonged to and the vet couldn’t either – she thinks someone dumped her on the dirt road, so we kept her to take care of her.  She is still a puppy, so we feed her puppy food.  We built her a small dog house and put the food and water next to it.  She refuses to let us train her.  She is very stubborn.  We keep her on a line that she can run on and are building her a fenced in area to play, so she doesn’t get our chickens.

I take Shadow for walks every day.  We go to Grandma’s house, to the mailbox, and all over the front field.  She likes chasing squirrels!  She also likes playing with any animals or things that move.  She does not like cats.  We also give her treats when she does something good.  We are trying to train her to sit, stay, and come (heel).  So far, it is not going well.  Dad says that we got a free dog and it cost him a grand.  I’m not sure what that means, but I love having Shadow at our house!

Friday, August 25, 2017

Graphic Arts

I've been playing around on as I worked on this badge.  I helped my mom with some of her stuff too.

These are three different ways that you can use graphic arts.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Eagle Project

Eagle scout project photos

 For my Eagle Project, I built three bookshelves for the Book Shack.  They are an organization that gives books and materials to teachers and homeschoolers.  This is the initial plan.  We added a back at the corners and supports at the intersecting points for stability as we were building them. 

 We set up for the project the night before.  These are the boards that we got donated from Terrell Lumber.  We also set up the saws.  

Because it was raining pretty hard, we had to move everything into my Grandpa's shop (about 1/8 mile away) just before everyone arrived.  We also had to re-organize stations for measuring, cutting, and drilling.

My dad brought home breakfast for everyone who was coming from the Masonic Lodge.  My brother helped by stapling everyone's Woodworking badge papers together ahead of time.  During breakfast, my Grandpa and I told everyone about woodworking safety, the basics of tools, and exactly what we would be doing.

 This is my Grandpa explaining the safety of wood working.  Then, he took a turn showing each person how to use the saws.

My dad showed everyone how to use the drill, and my Grandpa showed everyone how to use the saws. 

Each boy had a chance to use the drill.  They also all learned to use the saws.

Here I am checking to see if the boards are the same height, and here group two is trying to fix some boards that had warped in the rain.

In these pictures, group one is putting in screws and seeing if they are in all the way.

 This is when group one found out one of the boards had been screwed together incorrectly, and we had to fix it.  Then, they started adding the inside boards.

These are members of group one working together to screw in the shelves and the supports.

Here group two is almost done adding their inside shelves and checking to make sure that they didn't miss anything.

Group two members are screwing in the board supports in these pictures.

Group three is working to measure their boards for the supports, and finishing up their bookshelf.

 This is group three connecting the two long ends of their bookshelf together.

The adults helped when there was a problem.  They supervised the cutting process the rest of the time.

These shelves are almost completely finished.

 Troop 133 (and my friend, Clay) worked really hard and made great bookshelves!

After the project, I took a Thank You note to Terrell Lumber, and the Book Shack volunteers helped move the shelves and the books into the building.

Monday, August 7, 2017


For our outdoor exploration adventure, we spent an entire weekend exploring all of the treasures (and some trash) that a bunch of houses in Prague put out at the citywide garage sale.  This year, there were about fifty sales.  We didn't find as much cool stuff and toys as we normally did in the past.  Sometimes, we found nunchucks, knives, old phones to play with, books, movies, toys, clothes (mom said we had to get them), and light sabers.  And some other cool knick-knacks.

Things we found on citywide weekend this year......
This is a statue of Athena that plugs in and is a water fountain.  She is about three feet tall.  We really like ancient history!

This is a heart book about taking care of your heart and heart disease, along with some lab tests.  We got this for free!

This is a set of science experiment cards, math wrap-ups (mom said to get them), and an Oreo cookie tin.  We paid 25 cents for all of this.

This is the first three books in a new book series that seems pretty cool.  We paid $1.50 for all of this.

This is an old-fashioned voltmeter that really works and is fun to play with.  We paid $5.00 for this.

We had a lot of fun exploring lots and lots of houses during citywide garage sale, and hope that next year we will find even better stuff!!